Returning to Love

Saturday Nov 2, 2019 10am-6pm| Garway Commuity Hall


Honouring our Grief – Returning to Love


A full day retreat in a beautifully held and supported space.

Lunch & Refreshments included 

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Speakers & Exhibitors

Meet Our Speakers

Rachel Peacock
Rachel Peacock

Crystal Healer

Bequi Mae
Bequi Mae

Intergrative Restoration

Veronika Pena de la Jara
Veronika Pena de la Jara

Reflex Yoga Therapist

Returning To Love

Garway Village Hall | Saturday 2nd Nov 2019 | 10am-6pm

Come and….


  • Be completely held and supported
  • Release the pain of loosing something dear to you
  • Soften any anger or guilt experienced following a loss
  • Make steps to move through depression and disconnection
  • Recover a sense of connectivity and love

The Purpose

These days life is lived mostly in the fast lane. We all have so much going on. Whilst we all endure great losses, whether it be a job, a home, a loved one or even our favourite scarf, we rarely take the time to really grieve and mourn these. When our hearts break, within this painful experience, there lies an opportunity to return to love with renewed vigor. It is our understanding that grief is just the other side of love and is as much a part of living as love is. Grief is like the river of life, it flows. Often we can get in the way of this flow and miss an opportunity to return to love and life through it. Let us be clear, often in our society, if we grieve we grieve alone. This is fertile ground for becoming overwhelmed or lost in our grief. We are designed to grieve together. To hold the banks of the river for each other and pass back to love and life in fellowship. So for these shortcomings we can often become constipated with grief. Feeling stuck, disconnected, discontent, unheard, unwanted, unmet. frustrated, angry, disappointed and undeserving we struggle on and hide from the life that is offered through the full rainbow of our emotions. We have thus created this workshop to provide the space for us to reconnect with life as humans have done for thousands of years – together. 

What to Expect on The Day

Arrive and Relax


Time to arrive, get familiar with the space and the souls you’ll be spending your day with.


Welcome Circle


We will begin with a circle to create a holding space for us during the day. 

Reflex Yoga 

Veronika will lead us through a reflex yoga session. This will help us learn and develop tools for accessing our body’s innate triggers for releasing. Enabling us to find our switches to change our state of being from stress and tension to a natural and deep sense of wellbeing.


Tea Break 

The aim of the day is to also have time to slow down so we will follow this with a tea break.


Resourcing Meditation

Bequi will then take us through an Integrative Restoration guided meditation which will focus on building our inner resources. This is an innate quality we all have and thins practice helps us to build on it and create it as a place of security and comfort that we can connect with at any time we need more resource. 




Then we will take a leisurely vegetarian lunch created from local and seasonal foods. We would like to take every measure in satisfiying dietary requirements so please do let us know if you have any at time of booking.


Retruning to Love Ceremony

Following lunch Rachel will lead us through the Returning to Love ceremony. During this time we will be creating a beautiful alter dedicated to the things we have lost and the things we love. If you have anything that feel important to contribute to this please do feel welcome to bring it along with you. There will be singing, sharing and drumming. Be prepared to really let go, cry, weep, wail – whatever comes is welcome. 


Tea Break 

Naturally a tea break with some sweet treats will follow this. When we are processing emotions our brains need extra sugars to support us in this. 


Integrating Meditation 

 As we draw to the end this magical day Bequi will take us through another Integrative Restoration guided meditation. This practice will focus on integrating the journey we have taken through the day and connecting us to it learning and returning to love. 

Closing Circle

We will hold a circle at the end to conclude the day and disperse with connectivity and love in our hearts. 

This many sleeps until...








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Got any questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Am I eligible for a concessionary ticket?

We have made every effort to make this event accessible to anybody who feels called to attend. The full price ticket is set a t arate we believe to be affordable to most. But if you are on a low wage, less than £14k per annum or are on universal credit or any other benefit (child benefit not included) then you are eligable for a concessionary ticket. 

Is it a bit weird to grieve in public?

Going out and about in the world when we are full or or overwhelmed by grief can feel like too much to bare. Indeed to be in the midst of a crowd or strangers and fall to pieces is something that makes many of us feel uneasy. BUT this event is far from this. We are creating a space where we can all be held in and supported with releaseing our grief. This means we can go through our experince safely and feel nourished by it. 

What do I need to bring on the day?

This day is about creating a nourshing space for you. We will privide refreshments and lunch. There are some amts, blankets and cusions available but if you can bring your own this will be helpful. Also a bottle of water and a notebook and pens could be useful too. 

What if I cry?

Crying is not obligatory but it is likely on a day like this. The purpose here is to provide a space where it is ok for you to process your grief in what ever way it comes through you. Crying, moaning, wailing, screaming, all of this is fine. Even if this is a silent and still process for you, this is also fine.

I'm travelling from far away is there accommodation?

Yes there are local familys that are happy to offer bed and breakfast. Also there are a few hotels a bit further away. PLease get in touch with Bequi at to arrange these. 

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Honouring our Grief, Returning to Love

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