Hereford Festival of Wellbeing Workshop – Feel Good No Matter What! with Bequi Mae


13:30- 14:30 in the Malvern Suite

In this workshop I will be sharing with you ways to connect with and create a sense of ok-ness that you can tap into at any time. Also a few ways to take yourself into deeply restorative relaxation. These will help you to build resourcefulness and resilience. 

Life has many twists and turns. Sometimes the changes or our circumstances can bring us challenges. But no matter what we all have it in us to feel good despite all this. 

I’m looking to share this with anybody that feels overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, depressed or stressed. Sometimes it can seem like it would be impossible to relax and feel ok. But I’m hoping to show you otherwise. 

If you have read this far then this is probably a good way for you to spend an hour and find out more. 

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