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Naturalhealth.events, sounds big doesn’t it! I just got lucky with a great domain name really.

It’s just me, Rachel Peacock a single mum of two who got fed up with travelling to other counties to sell her crystal jewellery at poorly attended MBS fairs and trying to compete for sales with retailers of imports so decided to create something much greater closer to home.

Always fascinated by natural approaches to health and healing, an ancient knowledge that many have lost touch with, I was lucky enough to have met some great friends in my twenties who opened up the world of complimentary medicine to me. 

Knowing from experience the healing and personal growth possible I’m now passionate about getting complimentary therapies in front of those who maybe wouldn’t have the confidence to seek them. I want to share the wealth of healing experiences available with those who may have always been curious but just haven’t taken their first step into the world of natural health and wellbeing. Raising awareness of everyday stuff that pollutes our beings and what we can use instead.

I have learned and grown so much on my journey into this vast universe of possibilities and I want to create opportunities for seeds to be sewn and nurtured in others.

I’m also passionate about supporting local makers of wonderful art, crafts and functional or health related items. There’s so much more joy in owning something when you have a memory of what making that item meant to the person who made it.

So please, whether you’ve been on the path for years or you’ve only ever dabbled with diffusing a bit of lavender oil to help you sleep, let us welcome you to come in and explore the possibilities for greater health and well-being on offer at our events!

Rachel Peacock is a Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner,Access Facelift Practitioner, Book Keeper, Mum and Home Economist creating sources of income that can fit around her children’s needs and enable her to provide more opportunities for their growth and nourishment.
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